Getting up speed with Git

Learning Git

Git is a fast, efficient tool to track changes in programming code. It makes it easy to revert back to older versions of the code, and develop features in parallel with large teams.

This howto is designed to make you quickly familiar with Git. Without fluffing, without lengthly explainations. From basics to quickly reveal powerful tricks that can make your programming life more fun.

The Begin

Getting started
The minimal commands to get started.
Committing partially
Committing just a few files, or just parts of file.

Intermediate work

Working on multiple features in parallel.
Merging changes
Merging the changes of one branch.
Stashing changes
Temporaty put uncommitted changes away, to work on something different.
Advanced merging
Moving a branch forward in time.

Advanced work

Sharing your code with others.
Rewriting history
Editing, reordering or removing past commits.


An overview of neat tricks.
Links to presentations and background material.
Installing Git at your computer.