About this site

This site is my personal online space, to share information about the art of coding.

I'm Diederik van der Boor, 26 years old, live in The Netherlands. As daily job, I code pretty things and bring designs and concepts to life.

This site is in constant development. Some articles are a few years old, others pretty recent. You can tell from the length, and energy the article gives you ;-)

Daily life

Things I do in my week:

What I used to do:

Computer work

I have experience with a variaty of programming languages: ASP, ASP.NET, C++ (with Qt and KDE), C#, Java, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, UNIX Shell, Visual Basic, XML/XSL. I've also administered Linux workstations and servers during my job. See LinkedIn for more information.

When time allows me to, I write C++ code for KMess and other KDE related software. My new web applications are written in Django and Python.

Nowadays, I like putting much more feeling in what I write and do - by putting more emphasis on the concept, sense the enthusiasm it generates, and see what's being achieved.

I like to follow blogs like Planet KDE regularly because I'm quite excited how KDE, Linux and Open Source in general are developing. I love these projects for their worldwide communities, and dedication towards creating the best software possible. Fully in the open, empowering people, and geared to make a difference for our society.

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